Interior Design for GSTF
Restaurant in Milan

Milan. In the heart of the historical Brera district, in the shadow of Santa Maria del Carmine, a beautiful square lies silently. Here, in an ancient building protected by the Fine Arts, the second God Save the Food restaurant found its home: it has been presented to the public in July 2015.
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Product Design for Zwilling
Twin Profection

TWIN Profection - Knife: A strong personality from tip to grip. Highest quality demands and design join together for TWIN profection as the epitome of purism. The convincing clarity of the blade geometry. Read more
Product Design for Pigr
Atelier Chair

An adjustable stool whose essential lines get right to the point. This is what you always imagined of a swivel stool should be. Materials like oak and steel emphasise its classic, timeless quality. Rotating the seat raises and lowers the height. Available in both high and low versions, the atelier chair is ideal for a variety of settings - offices, restaurant or homes.

Interior design project for GStF in Brera, Milan. Read more ...  GSTF_Carmine.htmlGSTF_Carmine.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0
Product Design for Ruckstuhl
Acoustic panels

A classically timeless, versatile soundproofing partition: hi-tech combines with minimalist elegance.Ruckstuhl.html
Product Design for Geberit
Prefab Bathroom

Prefabricated bathrooms for contract. These baths are used in the public and semi-public sector for residences and hotels. The bathrooms are in different layout and configurations available to meet the respective requirements.

Product Design for El Caminante
Food Truck

El Caminante is the first restaurant on wheels that offers gourmet arepas with an unique concept and presentation: a venezuelan-italian fusion cuisine. We developed the corporate identity, from naming to packaging and webdesign. We also assisted the client in creating the menu, together with the italian chef Mattia Chiesa.
Our Approach
We represent a holistic approach in our work and understand the product in the context. We combine our experiences from the different areas of technology, aesthetics and user lifestyle to create human centered design solutions.

Our Studio
We are a design studio based in Munich. With a multidisciplinary team of design professionals, we develop innovative solutions in the fields of product and interior design.
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