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Our Studio /

We are a design studio based in Munich. With a multi-disciplinary team of design professionels, we develop creative solutions in the different fields of ​product and interior design.

Our Approach /

We represent a holistic approach in our work and understand the product in the context. We combine our experiences from the different areas of technology, aesthetics and user lifestyle to create human centered design solutions.

The way we work /




• Evaluating

• Creating

Services /

  1. Explore

  2. Product Design

  3. Interior Design

  4. Design Strategy

  5. Consulting


Biography /

After graduating in Industrial Design, at the University of applied sciences in Munich, he worked for various studios in Munich and Milan. He was a longtime collaborator of Matteo Thun, where he led projects for international companies in Europe and Asia.

Harry founded his design studio in 2008 in Milan. Since 2011 his studio is based in Munich. Harry is a hands-on creative director. He leads internal design projects, and advises different companies as design consultant.