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Furniture / Product Design for Pigr
Atelier Chair

An adjustable stool whose essential lines get right to the point. This is what you always imagined of a swivel stool should be. Materials like oak and steel emphasise its classic, timeless quality.  Read moreAtelier_chair.html
Display / Product  Design for Hirsch
Display „Small Corniche“

Redesign of an existing Display for the Distribution of watch bracelets

Accessoires / Product Design for Prodir
Accessoires Prodir Shop

writing accessoires for the Prodir Flagshipstore in Zürich.Prodir_Accessoires.html
Gifts / Product Design for mydlight

Foundation of Dlight GmbH in 2008 to manufacture and marketing of retail and home accessories for the promotional market. Development of all designrelevant areas such as corporate identity, corporate design, product design, web design / social media and online shop components.mydlight.html
Packaging / Product  Design for Tecnoform
Dual Box

The biodegradable and recycled paper version embodies our respect for nature - something you can instantly see and feel. The transparent option is made from recycled and recyclable PET plastic. This see-through model adds impact to the message you wish to convey.Tecnoform.html
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