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Sanitary / Product Design for Villeroy&Boch

Aquagate 2005

Lovers of great design and natural materials who wish to create their own oasis of wellness at home need look no further for a multifunctional steam cabin.

Aquagate comes in three models and can be positioned against the wall, in a corner or freestanding. There is also the option of different models: anodised aluminium, real teak or Italian limestone combined with a beige or dark brown Quaryl shower tray and a glass shower wall.

The cabins are equipped with all imaginable functions, such as rain shower, Scottish shower, side jets, thermostatic mixer tap, aromatherapy, cool-down function, Mp3 player, “wake-up” and atmospheric lighting, light therapy and integrated wooden seating. All the taps and jets are built flush into the central column. The side and neck jets emerge a few centimetres from the wall when they are turned on. 

There are “touch-screen” control panels both on the interior and the exterior, allowing the cabin to be switched on from the outside too. Offering the pleasure of being able to step into a warm steam bath. Even with the many choices, the options and programmes are easily selectable using touch controls. Aquagate is available in sizes 100 x 90 cm or 130 x 100 cm.

project developed for / Matteo Thun

client / Villeroy&Boch

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